Shingle upper surface mineral stone particles, tear and breakage in the middle part of the glass tulle, and the lower surface is applied to the floor to be adhered with rubber mixed bitumen layer is covered with different shapes and sizes of the last layer of roof covering.

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Product information

Shingle upper surface mineral stone particles, tear and breakage in the middle part of the glass tulle, and the lower surface is applied to the floor to be adhered with rubber mixed bitumen layer is covered with different shapes and sizes of the last layer of roof covering. Shingle, which is not affected by UV rays thanks to course slate coating, does not fade. It has a walkable, stable surface. It is very light compared to other roofing materials. Since the bonding points are elastomeric bitumen with sbs, the leaves provide a self-elastic joint without requiring heating.

Resistant to fire, aging and freezing. Flexible, bendable and cutable, it does not require custom-made parts.

Shingle packs must be protected from low and high temperatures and humidity before use. The coating boards on the roof surface to be covered with shingle (osb, water contract) must be dry.


  • It can stretch at 180 degrees without breaking until -5 .C.
  • All shingle species are completely asphalt and filler blend, including oxidized ones. 4×4 shingle products are polymer modified and asphalt polymer is used in asphalt.
  • It exhibits single-phase polymeric behavior. This gives high life and heat resistance.
  • Adhesive chemistry is specially tuned.
  • It gives effective results at high and low temperatures.
  • Easily adapt to any type of roof. It can be adapted to complex roof forms, curved surfaces such as dome and vault.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing with its distinctive texture and attractive colors. Easy and quick to apply.
  • It is not affected by hot and cold weather changes.
  • It has elastic structure, it is not broken.
  • It does not require different materials in details such as moorings, curved streams, wall-chimneys, etc. The roof view is completed with a single material.
  • It is a lightweight material with a weight of 7-8 kg / m2, giving very little load to the roof construction.
  • It is resistant to bad weather and wind.
  • It is not affected by ultraviolet rays.
  • The mineral stones on it do not fall.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, it does not add an extra load to the structure.
  • It offers different color and model options.
  • Provides aesthetic appearance with durable colors.

Usage areas

Steel construction roofs

Shingle roofing is ideal for roofs with 30% or more slopes. Shingle materials which are in light coating group have the feature of being easily applied on all kinds of surfaces. Shingle roofs are advantageous for roof tiles since there is no breakage problem. Shingles are very light. Lightweight construction reduces the load on the construction and extends the life of the roof. Its light weight compared to the shingle roof tile roof helps the structures become more durable by reducing the load that should be carried. In tile application 40 kg weight per square meter is decreasing, in shingle application this weight is reduced to 8 kg per square meter. This rate attenuates the load on your roof 5 times.

Wooden construction roofs

Ergonomic, easy to apply, robust, light and reliable isopak shingles can be used comfortably on all wooden roofs as it meets all required roof insulation needs. Today, wooden roofs and wooden construction roofs are used in many structures. The shingle product comes into play when roofing is needed.

Slanted concrete roofs

They are lightweight roof systems that can be laid by gluing or nailing after the sub-preparation is done in the areas where it is intended to be covered practically. It doesn’t put much load on the roof. It is decorative. It has different color and model options and it is easy to apply. Save time is flexible. Chimney, gutter and hidden streams provide easy solution. Long life. It’s not fragile. It can be navigated on. As it can be applied in all roof systems, it is very easy to apply sloping concrete roofs dada. Also known as leaf tile, Şıngıl is a polyester-based 3mm thickness roof overlay with rounded and round type plate and roll. Polyester felt carrier and fibrocam carrier series are available.


This system, which gives roofs, domes and all architectural structures an aesthetic and elegant appearance, creates an ideal roof system for everyone who wants to present a fascinating look. Thanks to the shingle roof systems, the roofing industry has started to take on different dimensions and has long been the answer to the expectations of everyone who does not want to prefer the standard roofs. Shingle dome roofs can also be used today. In the last days when the roofing industry has made a great improvement, shingle roof systems have emerged as a different formation.

Modern Architecture Roofs

Modern architectural roofs are preferred in recent years, so shingle is one of the preferred materials for thermal insulation and waterproofing of these roofs. To be able to serve the roofs of modern architecture on the roofs for long years can be considered; A suitable ventilation is required to prevent the roof temperature from rising. Application method For the construction of the roof roof materials should be prepared first. Osb plate is prepared as a sub-structure preparation on the prepared roof. The membrane is covered by melting with a torch in order to provide waterproofing. Shingle roof nails are used on the application of this coating. When the application is done, shingle roof nail is used. This skeleton must be strong enough to carry a human. It can be formed from 4 x 4, 5 x 5 or 10 x 10 castles. Shingle is laid by shingle roofing material or by heating with pumice.




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